Computer Essentials

Computer Essentials


Computer essentials entails training on Microsoft Office applications uses. This course curriculum will impact knowledge that will enable students to apply ICT in many aspects of their life hence creating opportunities for themselves.

The Units offered include

                              COURSE   TIME
1 Introduction to computer Essentials 20 hrs.
2 Online Essentials and networking 10 hrs.
3 Online Collaboration in internet and emails 20 hrs.
4 Spreadsheet using MS Excel 2010 20 hrs.
5 Database Management using MS Access 2010 20 hrs.
6 Graphical Presentation using MS PowerPoint 2010 10 hrs.
7 Word processing using MS Word 2010 20 hrs.
8 Microsoft DOS 20hrs
9 Microsoft operation on windows 20hrs
10 Information communication technology concepts 20 hrs.

On completion of the computer essential course each student will personally undertake an internal SCALA institute test.

Successful students will then be awarded with a Scala institute certificate of achievement for the course.