Digital Graphic Design

Digital Graphic Design

2hrs Per day (Mon – Fri) – Kshs. 20,000

This course involves training in the stylization and presentation of
existing text and either preexisting imagery or images. These are individual proficiency courses on popular dealer software.

Among the courses offered are on

  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Adobe Desktop Publishing and Graphic Software
  • Macromedia Web Design Products
  • AutoCAD
  • Sage Pastel Accounting Software
  • Programming Languages
                              COURSE   TIME
1 Desktop Publishing using Adobe PageMaker 7.0 30 hrs.
2 Website graphics editor 50 hrs.
3 Graphical Illustrations using Corel Draw 30 hrs.
4 Graphic Aided Design using Adobe Illustrator CS 30 hrs.
5 Graphic Aided Design using Adobe Photoshop CS 30 hrs.
6 Architecture Planning & Designing using AutoCAD 30 hrs.
7 Adobe InDesign for digital magazines 30 hrs.
8 Vector art for logos and sketchers- illustrator. 30 hrs.


On completion of the computer essential course each student will personally undertake an internal SCALA institute test.

 Successful students will then be awarded with a Scala institute certificate of achievement for the course.